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Virginia Artist Miriam A. Kilmer

"Miriam A. Kilmer with Chaos"   © 2011 Jennifer Schafer
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The Character of the Shenandoah Valley: A Photographic Essay
August 1 ~ 28, 2014, MT Jackson, VA
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Review by Jerry L. Eisley, 1987
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Animals of the Blue Ridge and Beyond: 2008 Solo Show

Sunrise: Female Bluebird © Miriam A. Kilmer
Sunrise: Female Bluebird by Miriam A. Kilmer
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       Miriam Kilmer has been surrounded by the arts since early childhood. Her parents founded Green Hedges Elementary School (still flourishing in Vienna, VA) in order to give their ten children a superior education with emphasis on the arts. Her ancestors include poets Joyce and Aline Kilmer and American Impressionist Frederick C. Frieseke. (Miriam's experience in the challenges of preserving Frieseke's works on paper has encouraged her to use archival materials in her own artwork.) Enriched by this background, Miriam and all of her siblings have continued to develop their artistic talents throughout their lives.
       Miriam earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking at UNC-G, and her Masters in Theology rom De Sales School of Theology. She has led art workshops with children and adults, worked as a portrait studio photographer, and operated her own fine arts business since 1979.
       Over the years Miriam has developed a variety of distinctive styles, influenced by the medium, subject matter, and purpose of the artwork, as well as her widening outlook and diverse environments. She now specializes in pastel, photography, computer graphics, and web design. Her unifying theme is love for the Source of creation and all that flows from that Source, as evidenced by her focus on nature, portraits, and spiritual subjects.
       Miriam has exhibited her works in numerous juried and solo shows. Her photographs have been published in magazines, newsletters, and books, most notably the Shapenotes issue of Smithsonian in The Classroom. Her artwork is included in private collections in Canada and France as well as the United States.
       The Shenandoah Valley is a familiar place to Miriam. From early childhood, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley were among her favorite places to visit. Since the early eighties, she has made numerous visits to the area, including her yearly week on Bryce Mountain, taking thousands of photographs of local wildlife and farm animals.
       ~ by Lisa Kadel

Artist's Statement

       I am inspired primarily by my reverence for nature. My pictures come from many places, such as my native Virginia and other states I have visited, notably the southwest landscapes of Arizona and New Mexico. I love the challenge of photographing animals: birds - especially baby birds and their nests - butterflies, cats, deer, and so on. I am fascinated by the power of the camera to freeze moments which pass so quickly they are easily missed. These include not only living things such as flowers and trees blowing in the wind, but also rocks, cliffs, clouds, and landscapes as they are changed by wind, storms, and shadows in shifting sunlight from sunrises to sunsets and twilight.
       Although nature photography is my first love, I also enjoy taking portraits, and happily take commissions for special photographic or graphic projects. When choosing which of my thousands of images to offer as fine art giclee prints, I look for a spiritual quality, dramatic composition and sumptuous color. Whether you choose to order prints or are simply here to browse, I hope you enjoy the pictures I exhibit.

Pastel Society of Virginia
Santa Fe ArtWorld
       The Art Group
       Jerry L. Eisley, Fine Art Associates
       The Art League
(Miriam is on temporary leave.)
       Many of Miriam's fine art photographs were scanned from beautiful 6.6" x 10" professional prints made to her specifications from negatives by talented printer Diane "Dee" (Malaney) Forro of Positive Image in 2002. Sadly, Positive Image is no longer in business. A few of these one-of-a kind photographs remain. They are mounted on special archival color-coordinated 9" x 12" paper and then on rag board, and they retail for $65.00 each. They are signed and dated 2003, when Lisa Kadel and I did the special mounting together. Email customer service for the list of currently available images and to discuss framing options and prices.

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