Miriam A Kilmer, Owner

4503 Hazeltine CT      APT J

Alexandria     VA 22312-3203

(703) 256-7572

risingdove dot customerservice at risingdove dot com


Résumé 2008



  • Undergraduate


UNC-Greensboro    08/1969-05/1973   BFA Painting/Printmaking

magna cum laude 05/1973

American University                                       credits toward BFA

Corcoran College of Art and Design               credits toward BFA


  • Graduate Study


Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales              07/1978-09/1983        Certification in Spiritual Direction


The Catholic University of America                09/1977-05/1980         credits toward MA Theology

De Sales School of Theology                         08/1981-05/1988         MA Theology (Pastoral Counseling)


  • Private Study


Sam Tamashiro, photographer for the National Geographic and curator of Intuitive Eye Gallery, Reston, VA.


Period of study: summer, 1971


William Swetcharnik, artist and art teacher

7044 Woodville RD

MT Airy MD    21771

301-829-0137         http://swetcharnik.com/william


03/1983                   The Art League, Alexandria, VA              Painting Workshop

1985                        Maryland College of Art & Design           Pastel-Making workshop

1984 or 1985          Swetcharnik Studio, MT Airy, MD           Still Life Workshop


Community and professional activities


Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services (since 1994) - owner (Sole Proprietor)

Pastel Painting, Fine Art Photography, Photographic & Pastel Portrait Commissions, Archival Framing, Event Photography, Digital Photographic Restoration, Graphic Design, Web Page Design, Desktop Publishing, Book Sales


I am an active member of these organizations:


The Art League (Alexandria, VA)             - a multifaceted, nonprofit visual arts organization based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.


The Art Group (Mount Jackson, VA)       - “a 501 (c) (3) non-profit cooperative of artists whose goal is to promote the art and artists in the Shenandoah Valley in a fun and relaxed community atmosphere.”


Chesapeake Shapenote Singers            - photography, design and maintain web page

- operate email lists totaling 300 members


Northern Shenandoah Sacred Harp Singers  - photography, design and maintain website


Potomac River Sacred Harp Singers      - photography, graphics, design and maintain website

- numerous positions including chair (twice)


Alan á Dale Madrigal Singers                  - photography


The Folklore Society of Greater Washington - photography (displayed on my web site)

-          Organize and co-lead Sacred Harp/Shapenote workshops


First Christian Church of Alexandria       - photography (to be used on their web site)

- choir member, formerly maintained website, designed flyers


MoveOn.org                                              - photography


Democratic Party                                     - photography (I am a liberal independent, but I am working in
support of Barack Obama)


Web Sites I Design and Maintain


http://www.risingdove.com                      - Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services

http://go.to/Frieseke                                 - F.  C.  Frieseke, American Impressionist

http://go.to/Kilmer                                     - Joyce Kilmer, American Poet

http://tinyurl.com/artistkids                       - F.  C.  Frieseke for children

http://go.to/Shapenotes                            - Potomac River Sacred Harp Singers and Chesapeake
Shapenote Singers

http://northernshenandoah.com               - Northern Shenandoah Sacred Harp Singers

http://www.foxhallgallery.com                 - Foxhall Gallery

http://www.vancebrand.com                   - C.  Vance Brand Art


Pastels, Photographs and other Artwork Exhibited


·         Galleries That Represent My Work


The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA

Member of the Art League Bin Gallery (requires acceptance in at least three juried shows during the previous year): 1984-85, 1985-86, 1988-89, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2007-08, 2008-09


The Art Group Gallery, Mt.  Jackson, VA (continuing exhibitor since 2002)


Foxhall Gallery, Washington, D.  C.  (select showings internationally)


Barker’s Bazaar, Woodstock, VA


Santa Fe Art World, Santa Fe, NM (via their web site)


Galleria Americana, Vienna, VA (1970s; now known as Art Masters Gallery)


33 juried group shows and five solo shows as of August 1987; lost count thereafter.  Partial lists follow.


·         Solo Shows


“Beyond Reality,” Photography, 08/120-9/15/1981; 12/24/81-01/27/82; 04/16/82-05/20/82

Colorfax Galleries, Alexandria and Tyson’s Corner, VA, and Washington, D.  C.


Additional Photography Show (different theme) between 1983 and 1987, also at Colorfax Galleries


“Harmony,” B&W Photography, 08/19-09/19/1987

The Potter’s House, Washington DC


“Harmony,” B&W Photography, between 1987 and 1991

De Sales School of Theology, Washington, DC,


Solo Show, primarily Color Photography, 04/09/2006

Rockfield Manor, Harford County, MD, sponsored by The Harford Poetry Society in conjunction with my poetry reading: Joyce Kilmer’s poetry, Aline Kilmer’s poetry, and excerpts a book by my father, Kenton Kilmer: Memories of my Father, Joyce Kilmer


“Animals of the Blue Ridge and Beyond: Pastels and Giclée Photographs,” 04/3-04/28/2008

The Art Group, Mount Jackson, VA


·         Juried Shows


1970s or 1980s, Intuitive Eye, Reston, VA, two juried photography shows


1980       “Catholic Artists of the 80’s,” St.  Anthony's, SoHo, New York City, NY - Etchings

1980s     “Catholic Artists of the 80’s,” St.  Francis Xavier, New York City, NY - Pastels


The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA - Pastels and Photographs in many juried shows, including:

06/1985         Mini

11/1987         Membership

12/1987         Membership

01/1988         Membership

08/2003         Landscape

01/2004         Membership

04/2004         Art Doesn’t have to match Your Sofa (But it Can!)

01/2005         Membership

02/2005         Membership

07/2005         Membership

08/2005         Membership

01/2006         Membership

04/2006         Membership

03/2007         Membership

06/2007         Membership

07/2007         Membership

11/2007         Small Works

12/2007         Membership

08/2008         Landscape


Artists donate work to be sold for the Art League; these are juried for suitability (partial list)

02/2002         Patron’s (photograph)

02/2004         Patron’s (Giclée photograph)

02/2005         Patrons’ (pastel)

02/2006         Patrons’ (pastel)

02/2008         Patron’s (Giclée photograph)


1980s     Washington Women’s Arts Center, Washington, D.  C. - Pastels and Photographs in several juried shows, including the “Mini-Maxi Show”; I was an active member of this cooperative gallery.


1980s     two Invitational shows, The Red Cross, Washington, DC, sponsored by The Washington Arts Group; curated by Jerry Eisley of Foxhall Gallery - At one of these I was invited to speak about my iconic paintings of Jesus Christ.


Fairfax County Council of the Arts, Judicial Center, Fairfax, VA





01/1988-1989       “Life Exhibit” – National Traveling Show, including Paul VI Institute, Washington, DC; St.  Louis Priory, St.  Louis, MO; Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia.  Slides of the exhibit were shown at the Vatican.  My pastel “Waiting” was sold for $180.00 to Beverly Wagner.  Began January 22, 1988 and lasted about a year.


Group Shows Sponsored by The Art Group


04/2003  “Bryce and Orkney Springs; Paintings and Photographs by Local Artists” - Bryce Lodge, Bryce, VA (My photograph remained on display for several years)


07/ 2003        “Town of Mt.  Jackson” - Mt.  Jackson Town Center, Mt.  Jackson, VA 20036 - Color Photographs


05-07/2008    “Fort Valley Nursery Spring Exhibit, Fort Valley Nursery, Woodstock, VA - Color Photographs


04-07/2008    RE/MAX Allegiance, Harrisonburg, VA - Pastels and Color Photographs; with two other artists from The Art Group


07/2008         “Beach Days” Group show at Woodstock Café, Woodstock, Virginia - Pastels, Color
 Photographs, and signed archival Giclée reproductions of my Pastels


10/2008         Darrin-McHone Gallery, Harrisonburg, VA - Pastels and Color Photographs




·         Photographs, Drawings and Pastels included in many private collections internationally, notably:


Kilmer Middle School, Vienna, VA (pastel portrait of my grandfather, Joyce Kilmer)


Joyce Kilmer National Forest (computer graphic enhanced from the pastel portrait of my grandfather, Joyce Kilmer)


Bob Hall and Ella Wilcox (extensive collection of photographs and pastels, including two commissioned double family pastel portraits) They are my most faithful patrons.


Charles Justice, who commissioned my best-selling photographic print illustrating Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees”


Jerry L.  Eisley, owner of Foxhall Gallery, Washington, DC, and Twila Eisley


Sacred Heart Church, Harrisburg, PA


Ed Knippers, renowned artist and art collector


Peter and Laura Sailer


Covington & Covington, musicians, who purchased and used my pastel painting “Fulfillment” as a cover illustration for their recording of sacred music


Green Hedges Elementary School, Vienna, VA (photographic portrait of the founders, huge photographic collage of the American flag that was featured in a local paper, and two sets of 10 Giclée reproductions of paintings by my maternal grandfather, F.  C.  Frieseke


Gary and Sarah Smith (candid photographic portrait of Sarah’s father leading Sacred Harp Singing, used as the cover of “Joe Beasley Memorial Sacred Harp Album,” a Shape-Note CD)


·         Photographs published


The Potter’s House Press, Glencoe Publishing Company, Green Hedges Elementary School, National Catholic News Service, New Catholic World, St.  Anselm's Abbey, St.  Mark's Catholic Church,

William C.  Brown, Smithsonian in Your Classroom, United Presbyterian Church, St.  Mark’s Catholic Church, Christians in Visual Arts, Joyce Kilmer Centennial Commission


·         Graphics Published


Potomac River Sacred Harp Singers, Smithsonian in Your Classroom, Villa Maria, Shape Notes


·         Artwork published


Saint Mary's Press, Joyce Kilmer Centennial Commission, Write-Fit Communications (book jacket illustration), small presses and newsletters


·         Photographic Restoration published


Buckle Down Publishing Company, New York University Press, National Apostolate for Inclusion Ministry, and many others, both book publishers and web sites


  • Websites that show my artwork and photography (juried)





http://www.yourartsource.com (I have not sent up my art yet)


  • Other Honors


I have been juried into these websites (but cannot afford their fees):


http://timothysfineart.com (September 2008 Show) (Robert Sterling lobbied to get me in free, but by then they were full.)


http://DiscoveredArtists.com (annual fee)


I received personal invitations to join these websites (I will follow up shortly):






I was selected to be an absolutearts.com Premiere Portfolio Artist in 2003 (85 were accepted out of 180 applicants.) I did not continue because of the expense.


My design product, “Paper Dolls” children of the world diversity, was selected as one of “Today's Best” on Zazzle.com.  It appeared on Zazzle's homepage on January 21, 2008 and was added to the “Today’s Best Awards Showcase.”


My pastel “Smiling Jesus” was selected to appear on the home page of alltradeart for August 2, 2008.


I received a letter from Robert A.  Strawn, Picture Editor of the National Catholic News Service, stating: “I think yours are some of the finest pictures covering parish life that I have seen.”


I received a letter from Gayle Boss, Editor of The Potter’s House Press, stating: “Thank you for the invitation to your opening at the [Potter’s House].  If that is your invitation, what the photos themselves must be!...  In fact, the invitation photo is so fine I wanted to encourage you to send it to the [Washington] Post.”


Artist and Art Director of Santa Fe Art World Denise Williams wrote in an email: “I like the emotion expressed in 'Charles,' 'I Am Somebody,' and 'Fulfillment' - really amazingly powerful works.  To express that kind of emotion in a work of art is rare.”


Catholic Artists of the 80s chose my pastel painting, “Blessed the Fruit,” to represent their show in a New York paper.


The Vienna Photographic Society awarded two prizes to my photographs, one second prize and one honorable mention, in the early 1980s.  I was selected as one of their jurors one year in the late 1980s.


I was invited to, and am listed in Cambridge Who’s Who among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs!


Relevant Past Employment History


Reflections in Photography, Inc.  01/20/2005

Assisted in photographing a George W.  Bush Inaugural Ball


Amor Dei Communications: Spirituality and Fine Arts (1979-1994)



Cook’s Photo-Art Studio, Vienna, VA      c.1988-1994

Assistant Photographer


Portrait Industries Corporation, Chesapeake, VA         c.1986-1988

Studio Manager and Photographer, Falls Church Montgomery Ward


Green Hedges Elementary School  c.  1977

Elementary Teacher, Summer School, Math and Art


ST Marks Catholic Church        (Volunteer)

       Photography for calendars, newsletters, exhibits, collages, multimedia presentations, etc.

Numerous art projects: multi-media banner, drawings for flyers and programs, posters, etc.


I also did a workshop and tutorial on “Spirituality and the Arts” for a parish near Reading, PA in the late 1980s, at the request of Rev.  William Nessel, OSFS, during which my work was shown as a multi-media presentation.