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Collected Poems of Paul K T Barnes

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        50% of the publisher's profits from "Collected Poems of Paul K. T. Barnes" will go to the Center for Alexandria's Children, thanks to the the generosity of Paul Barnes' Estate.
        The poetry of of my half-brother Paul K. T. Barnes is rooted in traditional forms, yet it is permeated with oddities and abrupt turns. His verses soar with ecstatic beauty, while recognizing the pain, ugliness, and depression that so often characterize the human condition.
        His imagery ranges from the striking yet familiar to the nuanced and unexpected. The boldness of his poetry belies his public reticence. Paul was clearly steeped in the literature and folklore of England and Western Europe. Paul's poetry is clearly meant to be read aloud. Use the rhythms of normal speech; the meter will come out right. Where it gets bumpy, that's appropriate to the context.

Horseback at Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon #1
"Horseback at Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon #1"
Haystack at Cannon Beach is a freestanding rock, sometimes completely surrounded by water.
My husband and I walked out to the rock from the shore, racing the incoming tide.
Low tide allows beach-combers and horses to venture far out towards the rock.

Miriam A. Kilmer

Jennifer Schafer
Photographer, Junior Partner

Jenn Schafer at Rising Dove
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Rafael Angevine at Rising Dove
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Deborah Kilmer Composer

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