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Portrait of Deborah Kilmer, 2011, 
			 copyright 2011 Miriam A. Kilmer
Composer Deborah Kilmer © 2011 Miriam A. Kilmer

        Abundant Americana
Esteemed organist Eric Plutz will be playing Deborah Kilmer's Chaconne in A in his organ recital.
        Westminster Conservatory at Nassau: Loeffler Trio
Faculty from Westminster Conservatory will present J. H. Graun's Trio Sonata in F Major, Eric Houghton's Elegy, and Deborah Kilmer's Dance Suite for Oboe, Viola and Piano.
Free Concert January 15, 2015, 12:15 pm at Niles Chapel, Nassau Presbyterian Church, 61 Nassau Road, Princeton, NJ
        Dancing In The Snow: Chamber Music by Deborah Kilmer et Alia
Concert October 20, 2013, 4 pm in Princeton NJ; a successful Kickstarter Campaign ended Friday September 13, 9:03am EDT.
       Turning in the Light: Compositions by Deborah Kilmer
Music composed 2001 to 2011
       Spring and Fall: Compositions by Deborah Kilmer
       Please visit Deborah Kilmer, Composer on facebook.

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