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        Karen House
        Mary K. Friday
        Frank Evans
Singing Sacred Harp ~ Anne Pratt

                I love to sing Sacred Harp. Something moves me; when the sound swells and the harmony is awe-inspiring and the poetry speaks with great power, I know I am moved by the Spirit.
                I know many of us define the Spirit differently, as Al Frank [remarked]. There is mystery here, and grace, and love. Whether we define the Spirit within one of the many Christian traditions, or simply feel it as the music speaks through us, we are joined at those moments in the Sacred Harp tradition, and the Spirit moves through us, by the meaning of the poetry, or the grace of God, the unfathomable mystery of the music, or the sharing of tradition in community. We each bring a unique experience of Sacred Harp music to the hollow square, and together our individual experiences join to build a community of enormous power and joy.
                And when from death I'm free, I'll sing and joyful be;
                Throughout eternity, I'll sing on.
                    ~ "Wondrous Love"
                    Lyrics from
Dupuy's Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1811

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Area Shapenote Singers

This informal coalition of singers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed area was active in the 2000s and 2010s, chiefly through "chesapeakeshapenotes," a Yahoo email group that no longer exists. Some web pages and documents are preserved here for historical purposes.
Refer to Fasola Singings for current Annual and local Singings
Charlottesville Sacred Harp Singers (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Contact Miriam for for historic convention flyers and minutes (contact information removed).

Internet addresses on those flyers may be absent or obsolete.
       First Annual Rivanna River Sacred Harp Singing Convention Announcement
Northern Shenandoah Valley Sacred Harp and Shape Note Singers
       Northern Shenandoah All Day Singing 2007: Images
       Northern Shenandoah All Day Singing 2008: Images
Potomac River Sacred Harp Singers
       Flyers, Minutes, Memories
Richmond Sacred Harp Singers (Richmond, Virginia)
        James River Sacred Harp Convention 2007: Images

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