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Joyce Kilmer

The Song "Trees" Recordings   Sheet Music

Joyce Kilmer: A Literary Biography
The cover illustration shows a B&W reproduction of Miriam A. Kilmer's original pastel portrait of Joyce Kilmer.
Joyce Kilmer: A Literary Biography; John Covell
Write-Fit Communications, June 2000.   Hardcover. ISBN# 0615111750

        This was an affordably priced limited first edition, a labor of love. It is the best reference work on Joyce Kilmer I have seen, a must for any serious student of Kilmer's work. It is lavishly illustrated with photographs.
Please buy a used copy or ask your library for an inter-library loan.

Trees & Other Poems & Candles That Burn; Joyce Kilmer, Aline Kilmer   Paperback

Trees and Other Poems; Joyce Kilmer.
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Main Street, & Other Poems; Joyce Kilmer
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Summer of Love;  Joyce Kilmer
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Joyce Kilmer: Poems, Essays, and Letters: Edited and with an Introduction by Robert Cortes Holliday
Robert Cortes Holliday compiled and edited this collection . Joyce Kilmer's essays and letters are truly delightful; superior to his poetry (in my opinion) and more appealing to the modern ear. Robert Cortes Holliday's biography of the poet, which forms part of this collection, was definitive in its time.
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Reprint edition
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Memories of my Father, Joyce Kilmer; Kenton Kilmer
Photo © 1998 Miriam A. Kilmer

Memories of My Father, Joyce Kilmer; Kenton Kilmer   Hardcover
Published by Joyce Kilmer Centennial, June 1993.
        My father's biography of Joyce Kilmer is based his early memories of his father, fleshed out by information from the stories told to him by his mother Aline Kilmer in later years, and by Joyce Kilmer's own letters. It includes a black and white reproduction of Miriam's portrait of Joyce Kilmer (which hangs in the library of Joyce Kilmer Intermediate School in Vienna, Virginia), as well as her photographic portrait of her father, the author. This book is particularly recommended for students of early twentieth century English and American literature. Kenton Kilmer, like both his parents, was a poetry editor. The index is especially valuable, providing clues to the relationships between many early twentieth century writers and their works.
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The Circus and Other Essays; Joyce Kilmer   Paperback
        Fredonia Books (NL), June 2003
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Dreams and Images: An Anthology of Catholic Poets; Joyce Kilmer, (Editor)

Courage of Enlightenment: An Address; Joyce Kilmer
Collected Works of Joyce Kilmer Series, Reprint, Classic Books, November 1998
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Literature in the Making, by Some of Its Makers;  Joyce Kilmer
A Doughboy with the Fighting Sixty-Ninth: A Remembrance of World War I; Albert M. Ettinger and A. Churchill Ettinger
White Mane Publishing Company, Incorporated, November 1991   Hardcover
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  Pocket Books, March 1993   Paperback   OP*
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The Fighting 69th (1940)   Video
        This film portrays Joyce Kilmer's regiment, with Jeffrey Lynn playing the part of Joyce himself (a minor role). His recitation of Kilmer's "Prayer of a Soldier in France" is very moving.

Hiking Trails of Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock and Citico Creek Wilderness; Tim Homan   Paperback
"... one of the most scenic and unspoiled areas of the Southern Appalachians;" get out and see the trees!
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The Song "Trees"

"Trees" is Joyce Kilmer's most popular poem. It was set to music by many composers, but the one you are most likely to have heard is by Oscar Rasbach. Sheet music and recordings are listed below.

Sheet Music

Trees  by Oscar Rasbach. Low Voice in C. This edition: ST35955. Vocal Solo. 4 pages. Published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
Average customer rating:

Trees  by Oscar Rasbach. Medium High Voice in D. This edition: ST31228. Vocal Solo. 4 pages. Published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
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Trees  by Oscar Rasbach. Medium Low Voice in D Flat. This edition: ST31227. Vocal Solo. 4 pages. Published by G. Schirmer, Inc.
Trees  by Oscar Rasbach. Download. Published by Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries (LV.6392).
Easy Songs for the Beginning Soprano ~ Part II by Various. Edited by Joan Frey Boytim. Vocal Collection. Softcover with CD, 72 pages. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50486242)   ISBN 1423412133.
Includes Trees by Oscar Rasbach. For Soprano voice.


Paul Robeson, who was honored by Joyce Kilmer's mother during his days as a student at Rutgers, made the most powerful and moving recording of the Kilmer/Rasbach song. It is readily available; take your pick according to which of his other marvelous songs you want for your collection! These are re-mastered from Vinyls, so expect to hear the typical noises.
Great Voices of the Century - Paul Robeson   Audio CD   OP*
The other songs on the "Great Voices" recording include a wide variety of styles.

Paul Robeson   Audio CD
The other songs on this "Paul Robeson" recording are mostly Spirituals.

The Essential Paul Robeson   Audio Two-CD Set

Prima Voce - Prima Voce Party   Audio CD
The other songs on the "Prima Voce Party" recording include an amazing variety of styles by many different artists; Paul Robeson sings "Trees."
You'll Never Walk Alone   RCA Victor, 1995.   Audio CD
Mario Lanza performs "Trees" and other popular inspirational songs.
Casette RCA Victor, 1995

Prima Voce - John Charles Thomas   Audio CD
Brad Jenks wrote:
It is safe to assume that if John Charles Thomas recorded anything, it is either the definitive recording of it or it is the most fun version ever cut into disc. The man was unjustly forgotten. Those who do know of him would do well to promote this man who showed with every single note, the joy of singing.

Abide with me   Audio CD
Composers: John L. Hatton, Sir Landon Ronald, Oscar Rasbach et al. Conductor: Sir Henry J. Wood, Hamilton Harty
"Trees" performed by Dame Clara Butt

Songs We Forgot To Remember   Audio CD
Composer: Charles Marshall, Idabelle Firestone, Oscar Rasbach et al.
Performer: John Aler (tenor), Grant Gershon (piano)

Legendary Voices   Audio CD
Composer: Sebastian Iradier, John McCormack, Oscar Rasbach et al.
"Trees" performed by John Charles Thomas

20 Songs in English   Audio CD
Composers: Haydn Wood, Richard Tauber, et al. Conductors: G. Walter, Henry Geehl. Performers: Richard Tauber, Percy B. Kahn
"Trees" performed by Richard Tauber

Meyerbeer, Giordano, Verdi and others   Audio CD
Composers: Giacomo Meyerbeer, Umberto Giordano, et al. Conductors: Jean Paul Morel, Erich Leinsdorf, et al. Performers: Robert Merrill, Leila Edwards
"Trees" performed by Robert Merrill

Robert Merrill   Audio CD
"Trees" performed by Robert Merrill

Charles Craig: Puccini Arias & Favourite Ballads   Audio CD
Conductor: Michael Collins
"Trees" performed by Charles Craig

The Voice Of Romance 25 Golden Memories   Audio CD
"Trees" performed by Richard Tauber

Richard Tauber in London   Audio CD
Conductor: G. Walter, Frank Collinson. Performers: Richard Tauber, Percy B. Kahn, et al.
"Trees" performed by Richard Tauber
Disney re-released it's animated version of the song:

Melody Time Video Cassette
Contents: "Once Upon a Wintertime," "Bumble Boogie," "Johnny Appleseed," "Little Toot," "Trees," "Blame It on the Samba," "Pecos Bill"
The animation for "Trees" is very beautifully done. Miriam is not a fan of Fred Waring, who arranged the music for this segment.
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If A Tree Falls Earth Beat (Rhino 72495)   Audio CD
Various Artists. The poem "Trees" is set to music and performed by Robert Hoyt. This version may be more appealing to children, teens, and lovers of folk music. Hoyt added a second verse that refers to Gaia.
NAPRA Trade Journal, Spring, 1996: Musician (6/97, p.86) - "... Nice mix of poets, folkies and rockers, some of whom are earnest and some of whom let you off the hook with humor, lest the subject matter get too depressing to contemplate..."
Read more about the album.
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