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Uneventful Reminiscences: a Childhood in Florida
Original watercolors and drawings and reproductions for sale. Framing available.
Uneventful Reminiscences: a Childhood in Florida; Frederick C. Frieseke. Introduction by Nicholas Kilmer. Hollis Taggart Galleries, NY, 2000.   Hardback. ISBN: 0970572301
       Frieseke's own childhood memoir is "a charming document that recounts life on the Florida Frontier in the 1880's: the sidewheelers and ruffians, crabs and orange groves, snakes and sunsets. It represents a time not long after the Civil War" (from the Introduction); the stereotypes presented in this informal memoir reflect the unenlightened attitudes of the era which produced them.
       18 color plates reproduce the series of watercolors which Frieseke painted from memory in 1921. They are colorful, fresh, spontaneous, and nostalgic. Marginal sketches, which bordered the original hand-written manuscript, have been reproduced to complement the beautifully laid-out text.
       I went to the National Gallery with a group of friends, many of them artists. After we toured the Gallery, we sat in the Cafeteria to chat. I showed "Uneventful Reminiscences" to one of my friends, Sara Morris Swetcharnik. She proceeded to read the beginning aloud, pausing to show the pictures, then passed it around, and we each read a few pages to the group. This was undoubtedly the ideal way to enjoy the book. It was greatly appreciated, and we laughed a lot. As the Cafeteria was about to close, a young man came to clear our table. Sara bounced up and down, pleading, "Please can we just finish our story?" The young man laughed and left us alone.
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The Frieseke reproductions on this page are from Chamber Works by Frederick C. Frieseke and Uneventful Reminiscences: A Childhood in Florida, copyright Hollis Taggart Galleries and the Kilmer Family Trust.
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