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Please see instructions below the white area.

contact customer service
       If you need a specific size that is not represented, email customer service; I can upload your image with borders to fill out the size you need.
       Photos in a "4x6 format" album must be printed as close to full frame as possible. If you wish to purchase a 5x7 or 8x10 format print, look for your image in the corresponding folder. If it is not there, email customer service with your request.
       5x7 photos are nearly full frame (sides cropped on horizontal photos, top and bottom on vertical photos). If your image is not here, that means it really should not be cropped. Look for it in the "4x6 format" folder. 6x9 is a good full-frame substitute for 5x7.
       8x10 photos are severely cropped. Sometimes I prefer to do the cropping myself. If you want an 8x10 from an image that is not shown here, please email customer service with your request. If possible, I will add it.
       If you would like to have your photos signed, matted, or framed, please email your request to customer service, and make sure you have your order delivered to:
Miriam A. Kilmer 4503 Hazeltine CT APT J Alexandria, VA 22312
I will need to charge you (at cost) for shipping your products.