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Rising Dove Values

Dedication to the Earth
Service to Humanity
Celebration of the Arts

       In all the products and services that we offer, we strive to balance our concerns for artistic quality and for affordability with the requirements of our planet. Reverence for life and preservation of the environment are our primary values.
       Our greatest challenge is balancing quality and ecological concerns as we strive to cover our business expenses. The internet is a marvelous resource, but many hours are spent searching, often in vain, for high-quality, affordable supplies that are healthy for the environment while the laborers who produce them are fairly compensated.
       Rising Dove supports outstanding young artists with free mentoring, free exposure on our web site, and low-cost services.
       Rising Dove is an Equal Opportunity Employer, offering flexible schedules and a generous hourly wage for part-time workers.
       Rising Dove contributes most of our services to the community.
       In recognition of our shared values, we offer discounts to Green Businesses, including free text links and discounted image links.

Our Products and Services
Visual Arts
Rising Dove Art Gallery
Miriam A. Kilmer: Paintings, Drawings, and Photographs
Jenn Schafer: Photography
Current and Recent Exhibits
Recommended Artists
F.C. Frieseke: American Impressionist

Joyce Kilmer and Aline Murray Kilmer: 20th-century American poets
Joyce Kilmer's "Trees" prints on recycled or archival paper.

Musical Compositions by Deborah Kilmer

A Note to Parents
Consumers' resources include:
Archival materials for artists and conservationists
Rising Dove Bookstore specializes in books, recordings, and products related to the arts. Nearly all of the books we stock are used. The bookstores to which we link also sell or rent used books.
Rising Dove no longer sells prints directly.
Instead, we are concentrating on selling digital images
You may request that any image be sold through Zazzle or Fine Art America.
Enter the Order ID for each image. Tell us what product you want and what size. We'll get in touch once the design has been made public.
Miriam A. Kilmer
Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services
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Rising Dove will never ask you to send sensitive information by email. Protect yourself from phishing attacks and fraud attacks by following the advice of the US Department of Homeland Security.
       Jennifer Schafer states: "At home and at work I recycle or reuse as much plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass as possible. I try to use cleaning products that are biodegradable and do not harm the environment."

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Miriam A. Kilmer
Miriam A. Kilmer
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Digital prices are subject to discounts or deferred payment for non-profits, and for anyone of limited means.
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