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Web Design and Graphics by Miriam A. Kilmer
Web Design
Web Hosting
Domain Registration
Search Engine Submission
Email Lists

       I will design your website in close cooperation with you. As an artist, I am sensitive to the need for beautiful, professional presentation of art works or other products and information. I can receive digital images or scan them from your professional quality slides, negatives, or prints. If you live in the Washington DC area, I can arrange to photograph your wares on site. I will also help you procure a suitable domain name and website hosting, and submit the new site to the major search engines.
See my website for artist C. Vance Brand, PSA in addition to risingdove.com and risingdove.com.

Portraits in Color or Black and White
Product & Location Photography
Prints & Pastels for Home or Office Décor
Word Processing
Desktop Publishing

       My price list is shown below. Contact customer service or call 703-256-7572 to discuss terms.

Web Page Design Services and Fees

      $100.00 per hour; $10.00 minimum, $70.00 maximum per page (assuming your "page" is equivalent to an 8.5" x 11" text page).
      copy-editing electronic text: $1.00 per error or $20.00 per hour.
      $100.00 per hour; $10.00 minimum, $70.00 maximum per page
    Editing and refining your existing Website:
      $100.00 per hour
      $10.00 from Rising Dove library (non-exclusive)
      $35.00 each, custom-made to your specifications (exclusive)

      custom graphics: $100.00 per hour (exclusive)
      custom logo: $150.00 (exclusive)
      scanning your image for the web: $8.00
      special page for single-image enlargement: $10.00
      converting your digital image for the web: $5.00
      image from Rising Dove library (non-exclusive): $5.00

      hypertext links: add $1.00 each
      response form field: add $5.00 each (CGI script may cost extra)
      sound files: add $10.00 per sound file (Midi or Wave file)
      frame: add $50.00 - not recommended

      text based index (link & target): add $5.00
      image map $50.00 each

      search engine submission: $25.00 per page (major search engines), $50.00 minimum. (Includes descriptions, key words, etc.) Ongoing submission is currently $5.00 per month.
      setting you up with an ISP Server (web hosting), Domain Name, etc. - $10.00 plus costs. Costs vary from one server to the next; I will discuss your needs and find a suitable server.
      upload website to your ISP: $10.00 minimum per session (usually included in html costs)
      site maintenance: $20.00 per hour (usually included in html costs)

      $20.00 per hour for computer training via email (so you can take over much of your own site maintenance)
      advice on copyright protection (short answers are free; I'll warn you if a fee will be required)
      $20.00 per hour for software installation and learning if I have to install new software on my computer in order to do your project)
   Note: I am very conservative (in your favor) in my computation of hourly charges.
   Prices are subject to negotiation; detailed estimates are offered based on your specific requirements. There is a $25.00 fee for a detailed estimate, but it may be applied to any Rising Dove service. (For example, if you elect not to have me design your web page after seeing my detailed estimate, you can apply the $25.00 to another service, such as photography, logo design, cover art for your CD, etc.) A "ball-park figure" estimate is free, but non-binding.
   Sample $400.00 web site package:
   4 main pages, including:
      Home Page
      Upcoming Exhibitions
      8 images of your work scanned from slides, negatives or prints: thumbnails and enlargements
      Text-based index (site map)
      Background color, text and link colors
      All consultation, web hosting initiation (monthly fee not included)
      Domain name consultation (you pay a fee to reserve the name)
   With custom logo, this package is $500.00.
   eMail list
       Set up email newsletter $30.00
       Key in handwritten email list @ $.25 per record
       Format email list for newsletter $50.00
       Upload addresses @ $10.00 per 50 (or fraction)
       Key in 1/2 page letter to galleries for email $25.00
       Format 1/2 page letter to galleries for email $25.00
       EMail sale ad to list $25.00
       Compose welcome letters for Newsletter, & post $25.00
       Format is: eMail firstname lastname
You can save $50.00 plus $.25 per record if you email the list to me already formatted.

Take care of your collection: Archival Methods manufactures a full range of archival storage solutions,
image protection and presentation products. (Affiliate)

All prices are subject to discounts or deferred payment for non-profits and "starving artists."
Just ask customer service


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