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The Navajo and Other Indians of the Southwest


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Navaho Indian Myths; Aileen O'Bryan (Transcriber).
In 1928, Aileen O'Bryan recorded the narration of Sandoval, Hastin Tlo´tsi hee (Old Man Buffalo Grass), then "first chief of the four chiefs of the Navaho People." His nephew Sam Ahkeah acted as interpreter. This book was originally published in 1956 as The Dîné: Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians , by the U.S. Government Printing Office, as Bulletin 163 of the Bureau of American Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution. As this transcription is both authentic and poetic, I recommend it to the general reader as well as the scholar.

Myths and Legends of Indians of the Southwest: Book II : Hopi, Acoma, Tewa, Zuni; Caroline Olin, Bertha P. Dutton
Reading level: Ages 9-12.

The Magic of Spider Woman; Lois Duncan, Shonto Begay (Illustrator)   Hardcover
Beautifully Navajo-illustrated Navajo legend. Reading level: Ages 4-8.

Dine Bahane: The Navajo Creation Story; Paul Zolbrod (Translator)
Book of the Navajo; Raymond Friday Locke
A Magic Dwells: A Poetic and Psychological Study of the Navajo Emergence Myth; Sheila Moon
Dictionary of Native American Mythology; Sam D. Gill, Irene F. Sullivan.  Oxford University Press (July 1994)  Paperback
Mythological themes and characters of many Native American Cultures are arranged alphabetically, making this book a valuable companion reference work. It is lavishly illustrated with black and white photographs, line drawings, and maps of tribal territories.

The Boy Who Made Dragonfly: A Zuni Myth; Tony Hillerman, Janet Grado (Illustrator).  University of New Mexico Press (November 1986)  Paperback
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The kindness and generosity of an elderly woman and two children, abandoned by their people in time of famine, is rewarded by the Corn Maidens and a mystical dragonfly. This is a beautiful story, expertly told. I recommend it for all ages. Reading level: Ages 9-12
       [Abridged] (April 1992)  Audio Cassette

Star Trails: Navajo; Don Childrey  DTC Publishing (December 16 2004)   Paperback
Navaho legends of the stars with charts and guides to the night sky.
Tony Hillerman's Detective Novel Series, featuring the Navajo Tribal Police
National Museum of the American Indian
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