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Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers; Elizabeth B. Gardner.VGM Career Horizons (October 1998)
       Featured Careers in Arts and Crafts: Architecture, Bookbinding, Ceramic, Drawing, Fashion Design, Fine Printing, Glassmaking, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Making, Landscape Design, Metalworking, Needlework, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Printmaking, Quilt Making, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Video Art, Weaving, Woodworking
The Editors of VGM Career Horizons, NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group:
       If you are one of those individuals who possess the necessary talent and acquire the necessary skills, Opportunities in Arts and Crafts can help you get started on an exciting and fulfilling career doing what you love to do.


Mama’s Home Remedies: Discover Time-Tested Secrets of Good Health and the Pleasures of Natural Living; Svetlana Konnikova, with a Foreword by Anna Maria Clement, NMD, PhD. Aurora Publishers (January 2008)
       See my review: Aurora Publishers

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