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Relations & Connections

Constance C. Greene

        Constance Murray, sister of Miriam's grandmother Aline Murray (Kilmer), married Stanley R. Greene. Their son Philip married Constance Clarke. Philip and Constance C. Greene produced a line of authors, many of them published, just as did Aline's son Kenton and his wife Frances Frieseke.
Beat the Turtle Drum; Constance C. Greene   Illustrated by Donna Diamond   Paperback
        Reading level: Ages 9-12
Constance was prolific. Search for more of her books at Amazon.com

Shep Greene

        Shep Greene is the son of Constance C. Greene.
The Boy Who Drank Too Much; Shep Greene   (March 15, 1980)   Paperback
        Reading Level: Young Adult.
        A teenage hockey star tries to cope with his problems through drinking, but finally seeks help through his friends. "Highly involving, with a storyline that never goes overboard in its portrayal of youthful drinking." ~ Booklist.
        I highly recommend this book for teens and their parents. The burden of peer pressure to which highschool students are subjected is made abundantly clear. The bleakness and anguish of Shep Greene's portrayal of the hockey star's life is relieved by the hopeful beauty of his depictions of loyalty and young love. ~ Miriam A. Kilmer

We All Sing With the Same Voice; Sheppard M. Greene, J. Philip Miller (composer), Paul Meisel (Illustrator)   Harper Collins Juvenile Books(December 26, 2000)   Hardcover Book & CD
        Reading level: Baby-Preschool. Shep wrote the lyrics to this Sesame Street song.

Philippa Greene Mulford

        Philippa Greene Mulford is a daughter of Constance C. Greene.
The Holly Sisters on Their Own; Philippa Greene Mulford
        Publisher's Notes: While getting to know her half-sister who comes to spend the summer, twelve-year-old Charmaine gradually discovers that she and Cissa have a lot to learn from each other.

Keys to Successful Stepmothering; Philippa Greene Mulford

Emily Smiley Sings the Blues; Philippa Greene Mulford
        Publisher's Notes: After her mother died, nine-year-old Emily was the one who took care of her father. Now he's remarried, and Emily is supposed to stop taking care of him and start being a little girl again. Even worse, her new family includes three obnoxious brothers! But Emily is really put to the test when she must confront the worst bully at her elementary school—the pretty and perfect Missy, a.k.a. "The Mean Queen".
        Search for any book by Philippa Greene Mulford at Amazon

Lucia Greene Connolly

        Lucia Greene Connolly, daughter of Constance C. Greene, was a writer for People magazine.
        People Magazine

Stephanie Greene

        Stephanie Greene daughter of Constance C. Greene, has published many books.
The Rugrats' First Kwanzaa; Stephanie Greene, Segundo Garcia (Illustrator). Simon Spotlight
        Reading level: Ages 4-8

Owen Foote, Frontiersman; Stephanie Greene, Martha Weston (Illustrator). Clarion Books (September 1999)   Hardcover
        Reading level: Ages 4-8
        Search for more of her books at Amazon.com

Diana S. Greene

        Diana S. Greene is one of Constance's granddaughters.
79 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby; Diana Greene.

Schuyler M. Bull

        Schuyler M. Bull is Shep's eldest daughter.
Through Tsavo: A Story of an East African Savanna; Schuyler M. Bull, Randye Kaye (Narrator), Paul Kratter (Illustrator); Soundprints Corp Audio (The Nature Conservancy)
        Reading level: Ages 4-8.

The Nutcracker: With 25 Jewel Stickers!; Schuyler M. Bull, Jerry Smath (Illustrator); Grosset & Dunlap.
        Reading level: Ages 4-8.

Henry Mills Alden (November 11, 1836 ~ October 7, 1919)

        Henry Mills Alden was the beloved step-father of Aline Kilmer. He was an editor of Harper's Magazine.
Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War; Alfred H. Guernsey, Henry M. Alden (Contributor).         A large and heavy tome, this is a 1996 facsimile edition of "Harper's Pictorial History of the Great Rebellion in the United States", first published in 1866. It reflects the horrifying bigotry of its times, evident in the writings of some of the most adamant of Northern Caucasian Abolitionists. The text, pictures, and maps are fascinating and invaluable to Civil War buffs (such as Miriam's husband, Tim Slattery).

Magazine Writing & the New Literature; Henry M. Alden.

A Study of Death: Works of Henry Mills Alden; Henry M. Alden.
        Read more about Henry Mills Alden

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