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Note Cards by Miriam A. Kilmer, Jennifer Schafer, and Rafael Angevine.
rainbow in a fountain; shredded branch on a sidewalk curb; geese and ducklings marching
"City Rainbow"
Order ID = 20120418_CopyrightSchafer_0066
  © 2012 Jennifer Schafer
"Shredded Fiber"
Order ID = 20131025_CopyrightRafAng_DSCF4753
  © 2013 Rafael Angevine
"Forward Gosling"
Order ID = forward.gosling
  © 2008 Miriam A Kilmer
Cards are blank inside.
Artist and title are printed on the back.
The image is approximately 4x6" on a 5x7" folded card. Envelopes are included.
        Pack of 10 for $29.00.
Use the "Order ID" below each image(see example above).

N) Pack of 10 note cards, any single image - $29.00
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NA) Pack of 10 assorted note cards - $29.00
Assortments include 3 or 4 cards each by Miriam A Kilmer, Jennifer Schafer,
and Rafael Angevine.

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For delivery by Dec. 24, place orders no later than December 10.
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