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Joyce Kilmer, Aline Murray Kilmer, and their Circle


Aline Murray in 1906, before her marriage to Joyce Kilmer. Photograph restored, copyright 2003 by Miriam A. Kilmer.

Joyce Kilmer portrait by Underwood & Underwood, restored
Letter from Edwin Markham (1852-1940) to Aline Kilmer
Letter from Joseph Auslander to Aline Kilmer: Image
Poems by Aline Kilmer: "Vigils"
Aline Kilmer at the University of Toronto
The Kilmers and Sara Teasdale (search in page for Kilmer)
"Lyric Verse in a Minor Key" Article about Aline Kilmer by Richard Le Gallienne (requires subscription or free trial)
The Joyce Kilmer and Aline Kilmer Association Copies Book Index
        Joyce Kilmer ~ FAQs and Fancies
        Joyce Kilmer "Trees" Poem
        Joyce Kilmer and the Environment: Arbor Day and Earth Day
        Portrait of Joyce Kilmer
        "Trees" poem and illustration
featuring a young girl
        Joyce Kilmer: A Literary Biography; John Covell
            Write-Fit Communications, June 2000.
            Hardcover. ISBN# 0615111750
            Sold Out. Please contact your libray for an inter-library loan.

        Joyce Kilmer House (Birthplace)
        Museum in New Brunswick, New Jersey
        Address: 17 Joyce Kilmer Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
        Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
        Letter from Joyce Kilmer: Image
        Summer of Love: Image
        Trees and Other Poems, Doubleday Doran: Image
        A gift from Joyce to Aline: Yone Noguchi's
The Pilgrimage:
            illustration     detail
        Joyce Kilmer Manuscript (alphabetical by author)
        Papers Carried by Joyce Kilmer during WWI:
            Assorted Papers
            Bureau Of War Risk Insurance
            "The Face of Christ" poem by Rev. C L O'Donnell, CSC
            Annie Kilburn Kilmer, Joyce's mother
            Annie's face

Books by and about Joyce Kilmer and Aline Murray Kilmer at Rising Dove Bookstore
Kenton Kilmer: Son of Joyce Kilmer and Aline Murray Kilmer

Baby Kenton with Joyce Kilmer

Stillwater, NJ: home where Aline Kilmer lived with their children after Joyce Kilmer's death

Artist Miriam Kilmer
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