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Joyce Kilmer, Aline Murray Kilmer, and their Circle


Aline Murray in 1906, before her marriage to Joyce Kilmer. Photograph restored, copyright 2003 by Miriam A. Kilmer.

Stillwater, NJ: home where Aline Kilmer lived with the children after Joyce Kilmer's death

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          The Joyce Kilmer and Aline Kilmer Association Copies Book Index
          Joyce Kilmer: FAQs and Fancies
          "Joyce Kilmer, Catholic Poet-Patriot" by John Covell
          "Trees": Joyce Kilmer, Arbor Day, Earth Day, and the Environment
          Joseph C. Lincoln interview by Joyce Kilmer
          Books by and about Joyce Kilmer and Aline Murray Kilmer at Rising Dove Bookstore
          Joyce Kilmer Manuscripts
          Kenton Kilmer: Son of Joyce Kilmer and Aline Murray Kilmer
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Poems by Aline Kilmer:
Aline Kilmer at the University of Toronto
Edwin Markham - an autographed letter from Edwin Markham to Aline Kilmer.
The Kilmers and Sara Teasdale
The Bookman Anthology of Verse edited by John Farrar
"Lyric Verse in Minor Key" Article about Aline Kilmer by Richard Le Gallienne
Coming at some future date:
    The Joyce Kilmer Birthplace in New Brunswick, New Jersey
    Joyce Kilmer National Forest
    ...and more! Please check back soon!
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