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2016 Autism Benefit Concert featuring visual artists including
Rafael Angevine

       "Hand-Painted Chair with Birds by Donna Bean"
© 2008 Miriam A. Kilmer, chair © 2008 Donna Bean; may not be reproduced in any form without permission from both copyright holders.
       Donna Bean ~ Pottery, Whimsically Painted Furniture.
       C. Vance Brand, PSA
       Wendy Donahoe
Wendy has kindly agreed to allow me to publish her work her under a Creative Commons licence. This beautiful drawing, "First Born," won a major award in the October 2008 show at The Art League (Alexandria, VA).
       Martin Kilmer (May 23, 1943 - November 5, 2018)
Wild Things Photography: "Land Forms and other Works of Nature" at the Wildwood Cafe, 425 King St., Bridgewater, NS.

       Edward Knippers ~ "The human body is at the center of my artistic imagination because the body is an essential element in the Christian doctrines of Creation, Incarnation, and Resurrection." (Nudes)
       Art & Incarnation ~ Artist Statement by Edward Knippers (Nudes)
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       Sara Swetcharnik ~ Sculptor, Painter, Writer
       William Swetcharnik ~ "As artist, William Swetcharnik uses the vocabulary of old master paintings to summon up images from centuries of art history and weave them into a complex architectonic fabric."
       Litwak Illustration Studio ~ Taina Litwak, CMI ~ Science Illustration
       My Mountain Highlands ~ An Exhibit of Photography by Frank Ceravalo

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